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Ghattas, Christine
Kato, Janice
Pandya, Naresh
Johnson, Frank
Mooweon, Rhee
vause, chester
chadwick, dick
smith, shauna
Soetjipto, Widyanti
villa, kaoru
Ferguson, kathy
lessnau, robert
Nickles, David
Fok, A
Lacro, Erika
Aquino, Belinda
rosenbaum, mark
Gangnes, Byron
bess, henry

Best Professors
Aptekman, Masha
Olsen, Lynai
Kurano, Heather
Roberts, Sean
Purser, Suna

Worst Professors
Kaldon, Phil
Bigus, Richard
bush, anne
Vovin, Alexander
lau, milton

Review Totals:
# Good Professors: 6263
# Bad Professors: 4405
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