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Professor Name: Tena Holbrook
School: Salt Lake Community College
Department: Psychology
Teaching Position: Teacher
Overall Rating Avg: 1.0000
Overall Rating Total: 1
Courses this professor teaches: [PSY1100]
Year# of RatingsTotalAverage

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User Comments

Anonymous Chicken writes in regards to: PSY1100 - Human Growth and Development on 2010-07-18 11:30:59
The overall performance of this teacher is: 1
Regarding Tests: 2
Regarding Homework: several one-page papers on topics unrelated to the class
Course Difficulty: hard if you disagree with her opinions
Habla Ingles? (Speaks English): yes
Expected Grade: B
Hypothetical Major: Nursing
Same prof again: never
Do bums dress better? Or is she cute?:
Comments: This was the worst professor I have ever had. She did not follow her own syllabus, moved the date of the midterm, and arbitrarily handed out grades based on how much praise you heaped on Sigmund Freud. The class was Human Growth and Development, but we spent the first month "debating" whether psychology was a science (according to her, it is not). We then preceded to ignore all biology-related information in the textbook in favor of dissing Skinner and fawning over Freud. She assigned one-page papers on completely unrelated topics, like whether or not female circumcision is ethical (really). We spent days reading our papers aloud to the class and self-checking quizzes and the midterm. Tena repeatedly ridiculed students who got answers wrong and lambasted opinions that did not align with her own in front of the rest of the class. I got an "A" on every assignment, a "B+" on the midterm and attended every class period, but got a "B" overall. Since she did not give us our final essays back, I assume she must have failed me on them even though she never had problems with my writing before. The workload in the class is easy, but it has no bearing on what grade you get. Do yourself a favor and never take a class from her unless you're willing to play roulette with your grade. As an aside, Tena is an embarrassingly rabid athiest and WILL call religious students morons. I'm not religious myself, but quite a few of my classmates were and she consistently went after them.
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