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Ghattas, Christine
Kato, Janice
Pandya, Naresh
Johnson, Frank
Mooweon, Rhee
vause, chester
chadwick, dick
smith, shauna
Soetjipto, Widyanti
villa, kaoru
Ferguson, kathy
lessnau, robert
Nickles, David
Fok, A
Lacro, Erika
Aquino, Belinda
rosenbaum, mark
Gangnes, Byron
bess, henry

Best Professors
Aptekman, Masha
Olsen, Lynai
Kurano, Heather
Roberts, Sean
Purser, Suna

Worst Professors
Kaldon, Phil
Bigus, Richard
bush, anne
Vovin, Alexander
lau, milton

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# Good Professors: 6263
# Bad Professors: 4405
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Hey UH Warriors! Start here.


Sorry about busting the site... it's kinda fixed now. :( Let's get back to sharing our tips on how to get the best education possible.


Sometimes we need good examples. This is the kind of review we like to see:

Very funny, sweet and gentle! The best teacher I ever had! She is so beautiful!

Think you can post some more beautiful awesome professors to our site? I hope so... you know... after you're done venting... give us a hand.


A teacher (Stender-Jenkins) wrote in today to ask that we "cease and desist" from further reviews about her. We won't say from what school she's from, but come on guys... after giving her bad reviews for 9 years, can't we give her more good ones? Does she really suck that bad? Her email to us wasn't very nice either. For a teacher, this person should know that when asking a favor, it's better to be nice. Learn some manners.. geez. And remember, we don't have to remove your ratings either.

And teachers... remember, if you've been pissing off students for 9 years... the only thing in common with those 9 years is you. Maybe you should have a chat with your students to see if there might be something not so perfect about your golden self image.

Why can't people write nice emails when requesting comment removals, rather than threaten this or threaten that? Why won't they read the removal instructions at the bottom of the page? Why don't they realize that removing a comment is a favor rather than something we have to do? Anyone on the internet should know by now that even banging your fist on a table does not require someone to remove a comment. Not even a legal battle will result in a win, otherwise, I think we all know by now that the internet would cease to exist tomorrow. Whatever, for the record, someone claiming to be Andre Alt has informed us that he is not gay. We're not sure if it's even Andre who wrote us since the author of the email didn't have the courtesy to write from his actual school account, but from the evidence we figure he's straight. A gay person would have more class when writing me an email. We're not saying this email lacked class, we're just simply comparing the relative amounts of class contained. We know this because our gay friends have more class. We can't think of a single gay guy we don't like. But we sure know the straight ones we do. Maybe we're wrong, maybe all first email exchanges should start off as threats and demands? Probably not... we'll be the good guys and remove that rating for you. You're welcome. We look forward to the real Andre to write us a nice classy letter and let us know that it really was the fake Andre who wrote us that original email... and maybe that he's even... no okay, we'll stop now...

And from another comment left a while ago, yes, we encourage all you students to be honest and fair... and if you're actually gay, just be it. It's the year 2008, nobody cares that you're gay... The guys just don't want you to hit on them... that is unless.... well you know...

And to be equal opportunity here, if you're female and gay, the guys tend to like it, and the girls might too, even though some greek lesbians don't like their island peoples' name that way, but even THEY have come to terms with it... for the most part. If they can get over it, so can you.

And stop pissing off your students so we can have some nice reviews here. You know who you are.

And for those professors who have finally stopped pissing off their students, send them to this website to give you some rave reviews.

A big thank you goes out to Sara Cunnard for writing a nice article about rateaprof.com. Although it mentions other professor rating sites, we'll forgive her.... after all, it's not every day someone takes out time to write an article! Read More! Thank you much!

Good Professors Needed... or at least reviews of good professors... I like to show that we promote twice as many good professors as bad ones... to keep the site a positive thing... despite how you really feel... Yeah I know... I'm a student too.

Spring Cleaning! If you department had no professors or your schools had no departments... *Poof* They're gone. I'll try to merge the schools together at some point... but in the mean time, give me a hand by at least putting the ratings in the right departments if you can. Oh if your school/dept/professor already exists, well try to use it rather than create a new one. Much thanks.

BTW I think that's about 17000 departments and 6500 schools toasted in this nuclear strike... *flexing muscles*

Happy New Years! I've tried various things to determine the best and worst overall ratings. For now I'm only going to take into account professors with 5 or more ratings. Below that, well I'm just going to assume there's not enough info.

Trending is my new fun feature, look at how a professor's perforance changes over time. Perhaps the overall average is bad, but the professor is getting better, or worse! Either way, it would be nice to know if someone's attitude is set in stone, or willing to improve.

I've also added this ugly links bar on the right side, which might just go back into my links page when I get sick of it... or complain! And I'll make it less ugly...

Next, well perhaps I'll clean up the list of schools... Because people are unable to spell the names of their own schools! How sad!

Hey! Give me your first impression of this site:

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Things to do:

Rate a prof: Rate your favorite professors... favorite in more than one way of course... build up the database so we can see if the professors are improving over time or not...

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Find a prof: Find your favorite professor... (it actually works now)
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